Kyrie Coffee is a mobile coffee shop. We use a pop-up shop in order to get out in the community and get coffee in your hand. We serve a number of specialty blends including several flavored blends. We service events large and small, as well as parties… really any kind of gather WE’RE THERE!

The word Kyrie comes from the Greek language. Translated it means mercy. This is the perfect explaination of why we do what we do at Kyrie Coffee. Every cup of coffee goes towards a number of different humanitarian projects. From digging wells in Africa to freeing victims of sex trafficking around the world, Kyrie Coffee exists to extend love and mercy in order to make an impact both locally and globally. When you enjoy a cup of coffee from Kyrie you literally hold mercy in hand. Know that you are in some small way changing the world.
And that is a good feeling.

Kyrie is about community. We are about bringing people TOGETHER. We show up where you show up. Whether that be a family party or a work conference, the celebrations in life or just an every day occurrence, Kyrie is here to provide for the needs of your gathering. Ask about pricing and schedule your next event with us today!


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