Inspiring To Do Good

Inspire: verb (used with object), inspired, inspiring.

1. to fill with an animating, quickening, or exalting influence:

     His courage inspired his followers.
Mondays here on the Kyrie blog we try to share something that will inspire good. Something that will fill readers with an animating, quickening, or exalting influence. Something that will ignite you with zeal to go out and do good. It is one of the main motives of Kyrie Coffee as a whole; to inspire good, motivate change, and challenge the norm. We don’t simply want to do good ourselves, we want to challenge and influence others to do the same. Because living for self will never satisfy or fulfill, but living for others will always reap lasting effects and truly makes life worth living. It gives us the sense that we are a part of something bigger than ourselves.
A young Ethiopian girl lay alone on the hard dirt ground staring up at the stars that were peaking through the holes in her small mud hut. She lay with tear stains on her face, making clean streaks on her dirt covered face. She often cried herself to sleep and this night was no different. She had gotten to eat dinner tonight since the family had left some scrapes on their plates. The few left over bites seem to grow in her stomach that had become so accustomed to that empty feeling. She lay staring up at the stars wondering what would become of her. Would she ever escape this life of slavery? Would she ever experience anything apart from hunger and beatings and fear? If not, was life really worth living?
Thinking back to those days tears are nearly inevitable for Abi today. How different her life has turned out to be. The love and care of a woman who became a mother transformed the life that Abi was certain she would never escape. The good that one woman could do continues to reach out to numbers of Ethiopian women. Today Abi, inspired by her mother’s love, facilitates the same kind of life transformations for prostitutes and destitute women on the streets of cities in Africa. Other women who may have found themselves wondering what would become of them now find themselves in a home, surrounded by people who care for them, and are committed to walking with them as they turn their lives of destruction into lives of purpose. This chain reaction of doing good has no end.
So when we say we are writing to inspire good we are writing to inspire you to do good. We hope you are quickened, empowered, to not duplicate what we do. We understand not everyone is supposed to sell coffee to impact the world, but everyone is supposed to do something to leave their mark on the world for good. How will you leave your mark? It doesn’t take weeks or months of planning. Go leave your mark on the world today. Be inspired and go do good.

hands holding the sun at dawn

My FaceAn Inspiring Good Post by Dalayna Dillon

Dalayna is the founder of Kyrie Coffee and creator of She is a youth pastor by trade and Christ-follower at heart. She is passionate about impacting the world with the message of Jesus and inspiring change in lives and in the world however possible. Dalayna loves coffee, adventures, criminal shows, Taylor Swift, creating, growing, and people.

Talk with Dalayna on Twitter & Instagram: @dalaynalanee


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