Pen to Paper // A Friday Photo Prompt

Welcome Friday! We are happy you are here.

Have you ever stopped and thought about the big picture of life? If you haven’t maybe you could take a quick 30 seconds to do so.

What is the big picture of your life?

Where is your life going?

How can you change direction if you don’t like where you are going?

Where are you at?

What is the meaning and purpose in your life?

How do you find your meaning and purpose?

Okay, that was good. Now if those questions scared or overwhelmed you the reason is probably because you haven’t answered those questions for yourself in far too long. Self-awareness is something that easily takes the back seat in our lives, which hinge on going full speed ahead and not going at all because we are exhausted (on many levels) from the fast paced living. After a while of taking the back seat, self-awareness goes out the window completely. And then we are lost. It is not often enough that we take time to stop and assess. Here are some other questions I would like you to ask yourself:

When was the last time I checked my fuel tank? (the levels of your energy, emotions, etc.)

Am I running on empty?

When was the last time that I wrote down some things I would like to achieve?

What gives me purpose and meaning?

What do I need to do or change to live out that purpose and fulfill my meaning?

I want to encourage you to take time this weekend to celebrate life by taking inventory. What is in your life that you love? What is in your life that you don’t love? Celebrate the loves and change the things you don’t. When you take time out, even just 10 minutes, to write down some plans of action for your life you will set yourself up for success. Whether it is in a journal, on a chalkboard, or on a napkin left on the kitchen table, write it down. Write down things you want to achieve next week, next month, this year. Get unstuck. Change your routine. Try something new. Write it down. Grab your favorite mug, fill it with some black goodness, and dream.

That is the first step to your success. 

journal 2

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A Friday Photo Prompt Post by Dalayna Dillon

Dalayna is the founder of Kyrie Coffee and creator of She is a youth pastor by trade and Christ-follower at heart. She is passionate about impacting the world with the message of Jesus and inspiring change in lives and in the world however possible. Dalayna loves coffee, adventures, criminal shows, Taylor Swift, creating, growing, and people.

Talk with Dalayna on Twitter & Instagram: @dalaynalanee


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