Still Standing /// A Friday Photo Prompt

It’s Friday, which means it is time to find something to celebrate! Why? Because perspective is everything. Sure you may not feel like you have much to celebrate, but if you can find something, even just one thing, one small thing, to celebrate, your perspective changes. It is no longer about all of the bad, it is about the good.

Maybe you have had a week that makes it difficult to find something to celebrate. Maybe you went to a funeral of someone you loved and respected. Maybe you got a speeding ticket. Maybe your mom was involved in a car accident. Maybe you got some disappointing news. Maybe your dreams were discouraged. Maybe your life calling was questioned (Not that I know about any of that!). Maybe it wasn’t a week filled with celebration in your book, but if you are reading this, guess what? You made it.

Take a deep breath. The weekend is here. Whatever you faced this week, you made it. Read these words out loud:

I’m still standing.

Today and the rest of this weekend, no matter what comes your way, just say those words, I am still standing. Find something to celebrate. Change your perspective. Rejoice in the good. In the sunshine. In the smile. In the blooming flower. In the time spent with loved ones. Whatever it may be, focus on the good and celebrate it. Why? Because perspective is everything.


Post your picture and be sure to use #somethingtocelebrate and tag @kyriecoffee on Instagram.

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A Friday Photo Prompt Post by Dalayna Dillon

Dalayna is the founder of Kyrie Coffee and creator of She is a youth pastor by trade and Christ-follower at heart. She is passionate about impacting the world with the message of Jesus and inspiring change in lives and in the world however possible. Dalayna loves coffee, adventures, criminal shows, Taylor Swift, creating, growing, and people.

Talk with Dalayna on Twitter & Instagram: @dalaynalanee


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