Leaving a Gap /// Inspiring Good

Leaving a gap… what does that even mean? Well, this is a phrase I have began to understand more and more lately.

Gap: an empty space; a break.

The gap I am referring to is a space, but not in the physical sense.

We have all had those moments when someone gives you an excuse, or they don’t call you back, or they don’t follow through with something, or they leave you hanging, or ____________________ (fill in the blank). That action, or lack of action creates a gap. It creates a space between that person and yourself. What you put in that gap is completely dependent on you.

Possibility 1: The gap could be filled with awkwardness.

“So…. you didn’t call me back the other day.”

“Oh, yeah, I’m sorry about that, I just, I… I…”

Awkward stammering. Awkward expression. Awkward silence. Awkwardness.

Possibility 2: The gap could be filled with passive-aggressive tension:

“Oh hey, sorry I had to cancel our lunch, something came up.”

“Uh huh, okay. Well maybe you can check your calendar and get me squeezed back in next week.”

Discerning gazes are shared. Shaky smiles. Fake, insincere forgiveness. Tension remains.

There are many other possibilities when filling that gap that appears periodically. But I would propose to fill that gap with grace. Fill that gap with trust. We often call it giving someone the benefit of the doubt. The point of it is to anticipate good from people rather than expecting bad. The next time someone fails you in some way or another assume there was a reason, assume it was not intentional, allow for grace to fill the gap. When you do, you will find grace on the receiving end when you need it.

My FaceAn Inspiring Good Post by Dalayna Dillon

Dalayna is the founder of Kyrie Coffee and creator of kyriecoffee.wordpress.com. She is a youth pastor by trade and Christ-follower at heart. She is passionate about impacting the world with the message of Jesus and inspiring change in lives and in the world however possible. Dalayna loves coffee, adventures, criminal shows, Taylor Swift, creating, growing, and people.

Talk with Dalayna on Twitter & Instagram: @dalaynalanee


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