Shopping Carts & Inspiring Good

We all have pet peeves. Some more intense than others, but nonetheless we all have them. Those things that always seem to get under our skin and drive us to near insanity! Okay, maybe not that far, but things that are bothersome.

For me, besides people walking in the exit doors, one grievance towards the top of my list is abandoned shopping carts (or buggies for you Northerners). You all know what I am talking about. The shopping carts that litter the Wal-Mart, Target, and other grocery store parking lots. They are usually within inches of scratching, bumping, or blocking parked cars. Yes. That. That bothers me. It really is not so much the fact that they could hit my car, however they could, but it bothers me more because it is so unnecessary.

When shopping carts were instituted, stores acknowledged that there could be a problem with stray carts. So to combat this issue they came up with a great solution- a place to return the carts WITHOUT having to go back inside of the store. How convenient! What great customer service! Problem solved, right?

W R O N G .

When I see shoppers walking away, abandoning their shopping carts after unloading their new possessions into their cars, I have considered reasoning with them… or correcting them (but I figured they wouldn’t appreciate that approach as much!)… “Excuse me, I have a question for you to consider. What do you think would happen if EVERYONE did what you were doing right now?” (And then of course I would give them a parental type of glare)

Obviously when you consider such a thing it would be an outrageous and completely unmanageable situation. Parking lots would not be parking lots, they would be shopping cart landfills. I am going somewhere with this outlandish imagining I promise.

There are many things that we may do as individuals that seem quite harmless, but what if that action or practice was carried out by everyone? What would be the outcome? People who throw out a spare piece of trash here and there may think it harmless, but if EVERYONE threw out some spare trash we would have a very polluted nation (not that it is perfect now, but you get the idea).

I want to challenge & encourage you throughout this week to do things that if duplicated would bring about a better outcome. Whether it be smiling, picking up a piece of trash off the street, letting that annoying driver over into your lane, writing an uplifting note to a friend… or stranger; however you choose,

I N S P I R E   G O O D .

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An Inspiring Good post by Dalayna Dillon

Dalayna is the founder of Kyrie Coffee and creator of She is a youth pastor by trade and Christ-follower at heart. She is passionate about impacting the world with the message of Jesus and inspiring change in lives and in the world however possible. Dalayna loves coffee, adventures, criminal shows, Taylor Swift, creating, growing, and people.

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